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Lineal Descendants

Lineal Descendants from left: Tiffany Woodhouse and Louise Lutts; Richard Wrenn and Robert Wallace; Sharon Woodhouse and Connie Houseweart

Honor Your Father or Grandfather's Legacy

Years ago, the Sixth Marine Division Association was made up of Sixth Division Marines. No surprise. As their children grew up, some of them wanted to get involved. This was controversial. They weren't on Okinawa. Would they try to take over?

Eventually the kids convinced their dads that they just wanted to help. And to honor their sacrifice. So now lineal descendants can join the Association. Their goal? To keep the history and memory of the Sixth Marine Division burning bright for generations to come. And on an operational level, they help the Marines enjoy the benefits and camaraderie of their reunions.

Annual Reunions are important. The Marines deserve to enjoy themselves without worrying about logistical and operational details. Lineal descendants do much of the work now. But it's not all work. Reunions are a great opportunity to hear oral history from the war's survivors. The Marines have lots of stories to tell. Some are wrenchingly painful; some are quite funny. The most heart-breaking are the ones about Marines who didn't make it. The ones who never got a chance to attend a reunion. The men who did survive the killing fields of Okinawa, Guadalcanal, and other battlefields in the Pacific have sustained the memories of their fallen comrades for more than 70 years. In doing so, they epitomize the honor and commitment unique to Marines.

If you are a lineal descendant, we encourage you to attend an annual reunion. You'll meet some pretty terrific Marines, and we guarantee you'll make a lot of new friends. Take a look at our Reunions page to get the details on the next Reunion.

Lineal descendants are also encouraged to honor their father's or grandfather's legacy by becoming members of the Association. To join, please complete a Membership Application (and indicate you are an "Associate" member).

For more information, please contact:
      Connie Houseweart
      Proud Lineal Descendant and
      Sixth Marine Division Association President
      258 Sechler Drive
      Montoursville, PA 17754
      (570) 433-4402

left: Lineal Descendant Bob McGowan with Neal McCallum (29th Mar-2-F);   right: Lineal Descendant Jim Monbeck with the late Jim McGuigan (29th Mar-3-G)