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Formed on Guadalcanal in September 1944, the Sixth Marine Division was composed of three infantry regiments: 4th Marines, 22nd Marines, 29th Marines, an artillery regiment: 15th Marines, and several support units.

The 4th MARINES was originally formed in 1911 and spent many years in China prior to WWII. They were known as THE CHINA MARINES. They were decimated during the early part of WW II on Bataan, but were reactivated to become part of the First Provisional Marine Brigade in time for the invasion of Guam in 1944. The regiment was composed of the Raider Battalions that won fame earlier in the war but were changed into a regular unit for the later stages.

The 22nd MARINES was formed on April 1, 1942. It was assigned to duty on Samoa, and in February 1944, it distinguished itself in the Eniwetok Campaign. It became part of the 1st Provisional Marine Brigade and participated in the invasion of Guam.

The 29th Marines were a new unit for the most part and fresh from the States. They joined with the 1st Battalion to become a full regiment in time to complete the major infantry components of the 6th Marine Division. The 2nd and 3rd Battalions had recruits just out of boot camp along with seasoned veterans overseas for the second time sprinkled throughout the ranks. The 1st Battalion was drawn from veterans of the 2nd Marine Division that had participated in the Battle for Saipan, and A Co. had even fought on Tinian.

The artillery units of the 4th, 22nd, and 29th Marines were consolidated to form the 15th MARINES. The 6th MARINE DIVISION was in existence for only 19 months and was the only Marine division to be formed and disbanded overseas, never to see service in the United States.

It has a record of DISTINGUISHED SERVICE second to none and was awarded the coveted PRESIDENTIAL UNIT CITATION as a result of its SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE during the Battle of Okinawa.


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